Implantes oseointegrados: cuatro años de experiencias


  • Fabio Becerra-Santos Universidad de Antioquia
  • Norman Otalvaro-Rios Universidad de Antioquia
  • Jose Radi-Londoño Universidad de Antioquia



Osseontegration, Bone regeneration, Screws, Fixed prosthesis restoration, Overdenture, Superstructure, Single tooth, Titatium, Titanium alloy


The present paper reports four years of experiences in osseointegrated fixtures, Minimatic (R) of titanium alloy and Lifecore grade 3, pure titanium. 150 Minimatic(R)fixtures and 50 Lifecore/Restore(R) were placed in 104 patients, 61 women and 43 men, mean age 43.1 years, (range 16-82 years) 107 in the upper and 93 in the lower jaw. From the 200 fixtures inserted, 6 were lost, 4 in the upper and 2 in the lower jaw and 2 were put to sleep, 1 in the maxilla and the other in the mandible for a total failure of 8 screws. The percentage of failure in the maxilla was 4.67% and the success was 95.33%, while in the mandible the failure was only 3.22% and the success 96.78%. 59 single tooth restorations on 59 fixtures were made for 29% of the total amount of implants. 12 overdentures over 27 implants in a 14% of the total fixtures, 33 fixed prostheses over 72 implants for a 36% of the whole number of implants and finally 9 superstructures over 42 fixtures for the last 21% of the implants. 68 bone regeneration procedures previous or during fixture installation were done. Statistical data shows that the total success rate for this study was 96% and failure rate 4%, which allow us to conclude that osseointegration in our hands is a highly, predictable therapy whose results are similar to those presented in different countries.

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Becerra-Santos, F., Otalvaro-Rios, N., & Radi-Londoño, J. (2016). Implantes oseointegrados: cuatro años de experiencias. Revista Facultad De Odontología Universidad De Antioquia, 7(2), 6–19.

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