Hendidura del reborde alveolar: manejo integral interdisciplinario

  • Pedro María Jaramillo-V. Universidad de Antioquia
  • Alonso Cano-A. Universidad de Antioquia
Keywords: Osseous secondary graft, Cleft palate, Integral treatment


This article is about a patient with alveolar ridge cleft that an interdisciplinary- group saw. They did a integral treatment consisting in plastic surgery, ortodontic, periodontic and operators. It also show the integral management of patients with cleft lip and/o cleft palate. People with this pathology should be treated by interdisciplinary groups fourthernore, the general dentist has an important work because they can treat the patient since he a she are hoen until they become adults they can also give precise information in each moment of their lives.

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Jaramillo-V. P. M., & Cano-A. A. (2016). Hendidura del reborde alveolar: manejo integral interdisciplinario. Revista Facultad De Odontología Universidad De Antioquia, 9(1), 29-33. Retrieved from https://revistas.udea.edu.co/index.php/odont/article/view/326692