Oligomerization of propene over ZSM-5 modified with Cr and W

  • Alejandra María Santa-Arango Universidad de Antioquia
  • Carlos Mario Escobar-Garcés Universidad de Antioquia
  • José Luís Agudelo-Valderrama Instituto Colombiano del Petróleo ICP
  • Alexander Guzmán-Monsalve Instituto Colombiano del Petróleo ICP
  • Luz Amparo Palacio-Santos Universidad de Antioquia
  • Adriana Echavarría-Isaza Universidad de Antioquia


In this paper, the composition of ZSM-5 was modified with Cr and W by impregnation, isomorphous substitution and ion exchange, and the resulting catalysts were evaluated in the oligomerization of propene.
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