Low cost heat-and-pull rig for manufacturing adiabatic optical fiber tapers

Keywords: fibra óptica, adelgazamiento, adiabaticidad, sensores


In this paper we report the fabrication of adiabatic tapered optical fbers using a low cost heat-and-pull rig. Our setup is based on the flame-brushing technique moving in zigzag, where an inexpensive and simple portable gas micro-torch is used as heating device. Since this method does not require an electronic system to control the gas flow rate, makes out taper rig an attractive alternative, low-cost, and trivial to implement. The feasibility of such a heat source is shown with the manufacture of low-loss tapers (<0.12 dB/mm) and diameters in the micro range.

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Author Biographies

Yamile Cardona-Maya, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Grupo de Fotónica y Optoelectrónica

Nelson Darío Gómez-Cardona, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Grupo de Fotónica y Optoelectrónica

Pedro Ignacio Torres-Trujillo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Grupo de Fotónica y Optoelectrónica

Profesor titular, Escuela de Física


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