Molecular states of laterally coupled quantum dots under electric fields


  • Carlos Teofilo Corredor Universidad Industrial de Santander
  • Willian Gutiérrez-Niño Universidad Industrial de Santander


Artificial molecule, wo laterally coupled quantum dots, one electron energy spectrum, molecular states, wavelength-tunable single-photon emitter


The states of a single electron trapped in two laterally coupled quantum dots are studied theoretically in the framework of the effective mass and envelope function approximations.  The electron tunneling between dots is studied by varying of inter-dot distance and we showed that the lateral quantum coupling between  them  allows  the  formation  of  molecular-like  states,  which  exhibit  similar  characteristics  to  those  of  a  molecule  H2+.  The  effect  of  an  in-plane  electric field on the energy spectrum is analyzed and our results reveal that the wavelength of photons emitted from the system can be tuned by simply applying a low-intensity electric field.  This latter feature is consistent with experimental observations.

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Author Biographies

Carlos Teofilo Corredor, Universidad Industrial de Santander

Escuela de Física

Willian Gutiérrez-Niño, Universidad Industrial de Santander

Escuela de Física


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