Experimental Validation of Motor Current Signature Analysis for a 2HP Induction Motor

Keywords: Condition based maintenance, fault detection, electric motors monitoring, MCSA


The  use  of  stator  currents  signal  analysis  for  rotating  electrical  machines  monitoring, particularly induction motors, has developed a growing interest, as the information contained in the spectrum of the current signal can indicate the  presence  of  various  types  of  both  electrical  and  mechanical  failures.  In this  work  a  test  bed  for  induction  motors  2  HP  was  implemented  in  order  to validate the MCSA (Motor Current Signature Analysis) methodology, for the  detection  of:  short  circuit  in  the  stator  winding,  broken  rotor  bars  and  eccentricity gap under different load conditions. Results show the dependency between the load level on the motor and the possibility to detect faults, and make possible to assess the feasibility of implementing MCSA methodology in of condition-based maintenance (CBM) schemes.

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Author Biographies

Jabid Eduardo Quiroga Mendez, Universidad Industrial de Santander

Escuela Ingeniería Mecánica, profesor

Silvia Juliana Oviedo Castillo, Universidad Industrial de Santander

Escuela Ingeniería Mecánica

Gabriel Ordóñez-Plata, Universidad Industrial de Santander

Escuela de Ingeniería Eléctrica Electrónica y Telecomunicaciones


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