About the Journal Vitae

Focus and Scope

The journal VITAE is the four-monthly official publication of the School of Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences, and its mission is the diffusion of the scientific and investigative knowledge in the various fields of pharmaceutical and food research, and their related industries. The Journal VITAE is an open-access journal that publishes original and unpublished manuscripts, which are selected by the Editorial Board and then peer-reviewed. The editorial pages express the opinion of the Faculty regarding the various topics of interest. The judgments, opinions, and points of view expressed in the published articles are the responsibility of their authors.

Editorial and Peer Review Process

The editorial team conducts a previous review verifying if the manuscript fulfills the Journal conditions: presentation of the requested information, authorization of the work, complete and correct structure of the paper, and proper citations. The author can verify compliance with the requirements before submitting the manuscript by using the Checklist, available on the website in the author's forms and guidelines sections.

After verification of fulfillment of the editorial standards, and before being sent to peers for evaluation, the Editorial Board performs a prior assessment. The purpose is to ensure that the structure and content of the manuscript are clear, relevant, and inside the Journal's scope. The Editorial Board may reject a manuscript without going through a peer-reviewing process if the paper is outside the scope of the Journal, or if it is poorly written or formatted, meaningless, or lack of novelty. Afterward, the document will be sent for double-blind peer-reviewing, at least two reviewers active in the research field related to the manuscript, who must submit an evaluation concept through the Open Journal System platform. The Peer Reviewers act only in an advisory role, and the final decision is the responsibility of the Editorial Board. As a result, manuscripts may be approved or rejected definitely. In case of accepting the publication, the Editorial Board asks for corrections and improvements, and the authors must send back a new manuscript version within fourteen (14) calendar days since the date of notification through the Open Journal System platform. The article will be published online after the reception of the corrected proofs and with an assigned DOI.

Open Access Policy

The Journal Vitae provides open access to its content, based on that offering the journal's content as free access to the public, helps to further global knowledge exchange.


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