Information For Authors

Information For Authors

Are you interested in submitting a paper to the Journal Vitae?

We recommend that you review the section About the Journal to consult their policies and Submissions conditions.

If you intend to submit a paper, you need to register in the Journal; however, if you are already registered, log in and start the sending process.

What do you need to know?

The Journal Vitae is a publication in the pharmaceutical and food sciences fields, and it is published three times a year. There is no time limit for the submission of articles. Therefore, our authors can send their manuscripts throughout the year.

Editorial process

When an article arrives in our Journal, we verify the compliance with editorial policies. The authors will be notified if any changes are required; otherwise, the paper begins the evaluation process.

The Editorial Board will select two expert reviewers within the manuscript area, who will be invited by an email asking if they agree to review the paper ad honorem. The authors will receive feedback as soon as the results of that process are obtained. If there is at least one unfavorable concept, we will need a third concept from a different reviewer.

Continuing the process, the authors should make the suggested corrections and send back a revised version of the paper to the reviewers, looking for their definitive concept. Finally, the authors will receive the decision and, if it is positive, we will do the paper layout, and eventually, we will ask for the publication payment.

Publication fees

The Editorial Board established a publication fee of US $100 per published paper.