Carga inmediata sobre implantes: una posibilidad protésica

  • Jorge Alberto Arismendi-Echavarría Universidad de Antioquia
  • Lina Patricia Agudelo-Arismendi Universidad CES
  • Fernan Diego López Universidad de Aachen, Alemania
Keywords: Osseointegration, Immediate load, Endosseous implant


Dr. Branemark introduced the term osseointegration as anew concept in endosseous implant therapy. Long-term follow-up studies demonstrated a high success rateoSurgical and prosthetic protocol established certain conditions to get osseointegration, permiting a long healing time, 3-6 months, without functionalload. This original protocol has been changing over time. Tbis review shows how the immediate load can be aprosthetic possibility in the osseoin tegration techniq ue withou t being a risk factor.

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