El ciclo del tratamiento restaurador: problema diagnóstico de la caries dental


  • Carlos A. Echeverri-C. Universidad de Antioquia


Dental caries, Diagnosis


Restorative dental care is frequently limited to a cycle that begins when patients express their chiefs complaims. As dental caries is recognized as a disease and not merely cavities, it vecomes necessary to diagnose caries before cavities are formed. This diagnosis is much more difficult and can lead to wrong treatment decisions. If periodic maintenance is not provided, the cycle continues with frequent replacement of restorations, often without a valid reason, and closes with disappointed dentist and disappointed patients that decide to change their dentist. This paper reviews the first part of the cycle, related with diagnosis and treatment planning for the active caries patient. It discusses the role of visual inspection, probes, conventional and digitalized radiographs, and electrical conductivity in diagnosis and prognosis of dental caries, and also the influence of correct diagnosis of dental caries in treatment planning.

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