Anxiolytic-like activity of Aloysia virgata var. platyphylla leaves extract in mice


  • María Luisa Kennedy Departamento de Farmacología, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Nacional de Asunción. Campus UNA, 2169. San Lorenzo. Paraguay
  • Miguel A. Campuzano-Bublitz Departamento de Farmacología, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Nacional de Asunción. Campus UNA, 2169. San Lorenzo. Paraguay
  • Elena MG Diarte Departamento de Farmacología, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Nacional de Asunción. Campus UNA, 2169. San Lorenzo. Paraguay
  • Enrique Snead Departamento de Farmacología, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Nacional de Asunción. Campus UNA, 2169. San Lorenzo. Paraguay
  • Teresa Taboada



methanol extract, sleeping time, hole board, elevated plus maze, pre-clinical, Aloysia virgata var. platyphylla, anxiolytic


Background: Medicinal plants are part of traditional medicine and should be considered a therapeutic alternative for mental diseases. Several plants belonging to the Verbenaceae family have proved useful in treating general anxiety disorders, the most prevalent psychiatric disorders. Objective: This research aimed to verify the extract’s safety, the effect on general behavior, and the effect on sleeping time, as well as to evaluate the anxiolytic-like effect of the methanol extract of Aloysia virgata var. platyphylla (Avp), in mice. Methodology: The toxicity test was done according to the OECD guide (mice groups n=5), and general behavior was observed during the assay. Sleeping time was assessed using the pentobarbital-induced hypnosis method (n=8). Male Swiss albino mice (n=6) were treated with 50 to 400 mg/kg of Avp extract and diazepam as a control. The anxiolytic-like effect was tested through the hole board and elevated plus-maze test. Results: The Avp extract has no side effects in tested doses, and no central nervous system depressant activity was noted. A. virgata var. platyphylla increased exploration (number and time) in the hole board. In the elevated plus-maze, increased number and time into open arms were evidenced compared to the control group. Conclusion: With all these results, we concluded that the Avp extract is safe and has a potential anxiolytic-like activity in the animal model used.

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time spent by mice in the open arms of plus-maze after treatment with A. virgata var. platyphylla. Veh (vehicle), Dz (Diazepam), Avp50 (A. virgata var. platyphylla 50mg/Kg), Avp100 (100mg/Kg), Avp200 (200mg/Kg), Avp400 (400mg/Kg)




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