Periodos de tratamiento en el paciente niño

  • Lucía Victoria Bernal-de Jaramillo Universidad de Antioquia
  • Diana María Gaviria-Londoño Universidad de Antioquia
Keywords: Caries risk, Oral health


In the literature and mostly in our Faculty we ha ve a systematic. logical and complete sequence lor treating the adult petient, but we don 'tha ve any lor treating the child patient. Our purpose with this re vie w is hJl the lack 01the treatmentstages lor the child patient. Our main objetive is in the prevention lordental caries, beca use is a very important toollor perents, childs and e/inics. With a very good prevention there isno need olintervention during future stages 01trestment, being sure that wemade a velY succeslul control 01dental caries and periodontal disease.

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