Diagnóstico diferencial del dolor orofacial II. Asociado a desórdenes neurovasculares, vasculares y musculoesqueléticos


  • Rodolfo Acosta-Ortiz Nova Southeastern University, Florida




Pain, Orofacial pain, Differential diagnosis, Headache, Migrane, Tension type headache, Cluster headache, cranial arteritis, Carotidyna, Temporomandibular disorders, Myofascial pain, Fibromyalgia


This article is the second of three articles which describes the different pathologic conditions that sholud be considered in the stablishment of a correct differential diagnosis in the patients presenting pain in the orofacial region. Neurovascular (migraines, cluster headaches, paroximal hemicranea), vascular (temporal ateritis, carotidinya) and musculoskeletal (tension type headache, temporomandibular disorders, myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, spinocervical disorders) disorders will be reviewed.

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