*Caníbales por Cali van: Andrés Caicedo y el gótico tropical


  • Felipe Gómez Carnegie Mellon University




Andrés Caicedo, Grupo de Cali, cannibalism in literature, Caliban, Cali, Colombia


Cannibalism and vampirism are recurring motifs in the films and fiction made by the Colombian interdisciplinary collective known as Grupo de Cali (the Cali Group). They are also fundamental for their aesthetic of the “Tropical Gothic”. Through this aesthetic, the Grupo effects a transcultural reappropriation and recreation of Gothic film and literature by incorporating the local parameters of youth in Cali during the 1960s and 1970s. In this article, I focus on representations of female cannibals found in fiction short stories by Andrés Caicedo, one of the founders of the Group, and I examine them using contemporary cultural theory and criticism related to the figures of Caliban and the cannibal in Latin America.

Received: 10-04-07 / Accepted: 20-06-07

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Gómez, F. (2007). Caníbales por Cali van: Andrés Caicedo y el gótico tropical. Íkala, 12(1), pp. 121-141.

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Author Biography

Felipe Gómez, Carnegie Mellon University

Felipe Gómez es Lecturer de estudios hispánicos en el Departamento de Lenguas Modernas de la Universidad Carnegie Mellon.


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Gómez, F. (2007). *Caníbales por Cali van: Andrés Caicedo y el gótico tropical. Íkala, Revista De Lenguaje Y Cultura, 12(1), 121–142. https://doi.org/10.17533/udea.ikala.2715




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