• Our May-August issue is now on line


    This May-August 2020 issue of Íkala found us all going through a very difficult time as a humanity. We hope that you, our readers, co-editors, guest-editors, editorial and scientific committee members, reviewers and potential authors, are all safe and sound, and can get through this global turmoil not only unhurt but also renewed.

    The issue brings a very interesting set of research, and review articles. Additionally, we are featuring a sample of the work by the internationally acclaimed Colombian artist Manuel Guerrero Mora, to whom we want to extend the most sincere thanks for letting us use his work so generously. Thank you, maestro! We believe that his oeuvres are a perfect accompaniment for the articles in this issue, as in many ways these reflect the variety and rigor of our authors' work. read more

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  • Call for abstracts for the Special Issue "Appliable Linguistics in Language Education: SFL in Practice"


    Guest Editors

    Andrés Ramírez (Florida Atlantic University)
    Estela Inés Moyano (Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Universidad Nacional Guillermo Brown, Universidad de Flores)
    Jim Martin (University of Sydney)

    This special issue of Ikala will feature educational applications that advance Halliday’s views in general and SFL genre-based pedagogy in particular. Contributions from multiple settings (k-12 schools, universities, and non-formal education), and programs (first, foreign and second language education; language teacher preparation) are welcomed. Manuscripts should be written in English, Spanish or Portuguese and draw implications for research and practice, linking SFL with related fields and language teaching approaches and methodologies.

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  • New Adjunct Editors in Íkala


    Íkala, the Journal of Language and Culture, would like to welcome Doctors Ana Isabel García-Tesoro, Gabriel Quiroz, and Wilson Orozco to our team. Starting this month, they will be acting as Adjunct Editors in our journal, contributing with their expertise in the areas of General Linguistics and Indigenous Languages (Dr. García), linguistic engineering, lexicography, translation, terminology, and CAT (Dr. Quiroz), and Literature, Cultural and Film Studies (Dr. Orozco).

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