Dialogue (in a meta-logic key)

  • Mauricio Vélez Upegui Universidad de Antioquia
Keywords: dialogue, dialogical, dilogic, subjectivity.


The author recreates the variations and conceptual changes associated with dialogue as an historical practice. Whereas the socratic dialogue was conceived as a dialectical game which according to the author, was much of a discoursal transvestism, the modem dialogue became the actualization of subjective reasons, presupposing, then, a dia- logical competence. But, what would be of the dialogue, if it were solely the juxtaposition of monologues?

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Vélez Upegui, M. (1999). El diálogo (en clave metalógica). Íkala. 4(1-2), pp. 168 -181  


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Author Biography

Mauricio Vélez Upegui, Universidad de Antioquia
Profesor titular de la Universidad EAFIT en el Área de Humanidades. Ha publicado varios atículos y libros.
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