Projection of the International Standard ISO 29383 Terminology in the Context of Colombian Exports


  • Juan Carlos Díaz Vásquez Universidad de Antioquia



terminology, linguistics planning, terminology planning, termi­nology policy, strategic export plan


Objective: To present the applicability of the International Terminology Standard ISO 29383, and its positive influence in the context of exports in Colombia. On the other hand, this article seeks to show some of the work developed in the doctoral thesis ''Aplicación de normas terminológicas internacionales en el sector exportador colombiano'' (''Applicability of international terminology standards in the export sector in Colombia''), presented at the University of Vienna, Austria. The exposed section in this article is also part of the work of the International Technical Committee ISO / TC 37, in relation to the development of terminology standards that seek to have general applicability in many different contexts. One of them is the planning and implementation of terminology policies at government level, by the application of terminology standards. Method: Through the analysis of ISO 29 383 ''Terminology Policies,'' the most relevant aspects are presented, which help to understand its objectives, approaches, origins and essential points. Having a clear vision of the Standard, a comparative analysis is carried out contrasting with the Plan Estratégico Exportador (Strategic Export Plan) (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism and the National Learning Service -SENA, 2001), which defines the guidelines for the Colombian export policy. Results: projections of the Standard in the Colombian context are presented, i.e. how would it benefits the export sector would if a national terminology policy is implemented.Conclusions: The international effort on the standardization of terminology can positively influence the improvement of developing economies. The application of terminology standards is a development factor not only in specialized communication of a given sector, but also as a necessary element in the process of quality management, within which standardization is increasingly becoming a part of success in the international trade.

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Author Biography

Juan Carlos Díaz Vásquez, Universidad de Antioquia

Doctor de la Universidad de Viena, docenteinvestigador
de la Universidad de Antioquia, miembro del Grupo de Investigación
en Terminología y Traducción (GITT), Universidad de Antioquia




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Díaz Vásquez, J. C. (2010). Projection of the International Standard ISO 29383 Terminology in the Context of Colombian Exports. Íkala, Revista De Lenguaje Y Cultura, 15(2), 161–185.



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