Of the Language of the Origins


  • Marcia Sá Cavalcante Shuback Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro
  • Beatriz Aguirre Universidad de Antioquia


culture, translation, placelessness, language of beginning


The ideas of identity, nation, culture and mother tongue according to Western tradition can all be related to the notion of space.

However, nowadays as mankind experiences much uprooting, he must redefine such concepts in terms of spacelessness and life infinity. The language of beginnings, the mother tongue, allows mankind to reencounter his creative space and to stablish relationships.

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Cavalcante Shuback, M. S. & Aguirre, B. (1999). De la Lengua del Comienzo. Íkala. 4 (1-2), pp. 31 - 46 

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Author Biographies

Marcia Sá Cavalcante Shuback, Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro

Ph. D. en filosofia de la Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro. Traductora de obras filosóficas y poéticas en lengua materna. Autora de O començao de Deus (1998). Profesora de la Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro.

Beatriz Aguirre, Universidad de Antioquia

Es profesora de la Escuela de Idiomas de la Universidad de Atioquia.

Master of Arts in English. pdh in Comparative Literature, Binghamton University, New-York


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Cavalcante Shuback, M. S., & Aguirre, B. (1999). Of the Language of the Origins. Íkala, Revista De Lenguaje Y Cultura, 4(1), 33–46. Retrieved from https://revistas.udea.edu.co/index.php/ikala/article/view/8492