A Study of Language Attitudes in Two Creole-Speaking Islands: San Andres and Providence (Colombia).


  • Silvia Flórez Universidad de Antioquia




sociolinguistics, language attitudes, creole languages, multilingualism


The aim of this study was to assess the language attitudes on the islands of San Andres and Providence (Colombia) from a comparative perspective. The sociolinguistic variables studied included age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, place of residence and language knowledge. Respondents on both islands expressed similar attitudes, with a general tendency favorable to the three languages (Standard Caribbean English, Islander Creole and Colombian Spanish) and to multilingualism.

Received: 01-03-06 / Accepté: 17-08-06

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Flórez, S. (2006). A Study of Language Attitudes in Two Creole-Speaking Islands: San Andres and Providence (Colombia). Íkala. 11(1), pp. 119 – 147 

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Author Biography

Silvia Flórez, Universidad de Antioquia

Silvia Flórez holds a Masters degree in English from University of Bergen. She is a teacher and researcher in the School of Languages at the Universidad de Antioquia.


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