Reading Comprehension: Interpretation and Translation of Metaphors in Academic English

  • Elena Carslen de Escudero Universidad Nacional de Salta
  • María Silvia Sastre Universidad Nacional de Salta
  • María Soledad Loutayf Universidad Católica de Salta
Keywords: metaphor, interpretation, interactive approach, reading comprehension in English, culture


Translating is regarded here as interpreting a message and re-wording its meaning using linguistic as well as encyclopaedic knowledge, taking into account the elements in the text and its context. Within this frame, in this paper we try to show how culture and encyclopedic knowledge influence metaphor interpretation, on the basis of translation procedures involving an interactive view of reading. Metaphors found in the texts used in the reading comprehension courses at the university were analyzed. Different mapping conditions and meaning problems with metaphors in different cultures were also studied. The results provide teachers with strategies to guide novel readers in metaphor interpretation.

Received: 28-04-10 / Accepted: 08-02-11

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Carlsen de Escudero, E.; Sastre, M. S. & Loutayf, M. S. (2011). Comprensión lectora: interpretación y traducción de metáforas en inglés académico. íkala, revista de lenguaje y cultura 16(1), 77-102.

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