An Honest Start: Reassessing the Role of Theory in EFL Teacher Preparation


  • Juan David Gómez González Universidad de Antioquia


EFL teacher education, theory/practice gap


This essay revisits the long acknowledged but still unresolved theory/practice schism in EFL teacher education. The methodology used included the research of literature related to the subject, a comparison and contrast of representative examples of its current manifestations, and an examination of its effects on a selected group of undergraduate students. Results showed a need for measures to be taken that would establish a more solid link between teacher education programs and teacher needs. It ends by suggesting alternative approaches that could begin to return basic and pragmatic content to teacher education and professional development programs.

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Author Biography

Juan David Gómez González, Universidad de Antioquia

Juan David Gómez holds a Ph.D in English Literature, Currently, teaches Literature and Composition as an adjunct professor at the school of languages of Universidad de Antioquia.


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